Our clients come from all walks of life, including professional singers and entertainers, public speakers, dentists, lawyers, corporate executives, real estate brokers…etc. If looking great and protecting your scalp is important to you, give us a call to schedule a free consultation! Here are some testimonials from actual clients of Giovanni Hair Care Systems:

“Shortly after going to Deborah for haircuts on my thinning hair, I was diagnosed with severe skin cancer on the top of my head, a result of too much exposure from years of playing tennis. Two separate plastic surgeries were needed to correct extensive skin damage to my scalp, and I was instructed by my doctor to keep my scalp covered when outdoors at all times. For the first year I wore baseball caps, but as a real estate broker, I must show homes and make presentations. In sales it is important to look your best, and baseball caps do not give the right look with a tie and a sports coat. Also, I am an avid tennis player, still single and looking for cute girlfriends, and let’s face it, a head full of hair looks better than bald, unless you are Yul Brenner or Mr. Clean.

“Deborah convinced me to protect my scalp with non-surgical hair augmentation, and after all these years, I’m glad she did. I frequently receive compliments on my general appearance and nice hair. And on thing I know – whether it’s in the dating life, business life, or just life in general—it never hurts to look your best. And as an added benefit, the hair system gives me far better protection than a hat!”

Steve Gold, Associate Broker, RE/Max Greater Atlanta

Debbie, I am so glad that I found you! I have been in a hair system since 2006 and have received services at 2 other ‘salons.’ I have found your service to be superior and at a reasonable price! My husband says my hair looks better than it has in years! Thank you for being caring and honest!

Brenda W., Alpharetta

“Before finding Deborah with Giovanni’s, I was ordering hair from a discount hair place in Georgia. The price was a little lower per system than Deborah charges, but not by much, and the quality was poor; I was never able to achieve the natural look that I wanted. Deborah designed a custom hair system for me, and to my surprise it looked better than any I have ever had…and I have been replacing my hair for over 20 years now. The quality of the hair at Giovanni’s is so much better, and I don’t have to spend as much money as I was because the hair system looks healthy longer and doesn’t require replacement as often. I am very pleased with Deborah’s expertise, her service is excellent, and she guarantees her work and her products. I highly recommend trying Deborah with Giovanni Hair Care Systems, and I will gladly provide a reference for anyone.”

Fred V., Roswell

“Debbie, I can’t thank you enough!! My profession requires me to be on stage before hundreds, if not thousands of people. Many times my presentations are televised. Your hair replacement systems have given me the “youthful” look and the confidence which has contributed to my success. You have been there for me for over 22 years and I would unequivocally recommend you to anyone who is losing their hair but would like to project a natural look. You’re the best at what you do!”

Tom D., Dunwoody

“Debbie, thanks again for the great job you do all year, 18 years and counting!”

Bob L., Loganville

“Debbie, thanks for all you have done to instill confidence in me, and for all of your expert image building talents you have made available to me. I know I am hard to please, but you have valiantly passed the test! Thanks for being such an accommodating sweetheart!”

J.S., Atlanta

“Debbie, thank you for being so gentle with my hair. I love my hair extensions and my hair is finally starting to show new growth. I appreciate the time you took to remove the old extensions to avoid damaging my hair. See you in about 3 months!”

Mary S., Atlanta

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